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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is 200WaD?

    200 Words a Day is a free open online writing group where the members get into a writing habit and improve together. 200 words at a time.

  2. Why should I subscribe to 200WaD?

    200WaD is about empowering people with writing and tech.
    Whether you are an experienced writer or a beginner, your writings belong to you.
    If you love writing or want to learn to love writing, this is a place for you.
    200WaD is free to join, so don't hesitate and try it for yourself.

  3. Can I write more than 200 words per day?

    Yes. 200 words is the minimum word limit for each post.

  4. Why 200 words?

    200 is just enough to cover a topic in a text, and not too much as to be doable to reach every day.

  5. Do I have to write every day?

    No. We believe writing a bit once in a while is better than nothing.

  6. I'm out of ideas to write about, can 200WaD help me?

    You can find writing prompts in the Tools tab of the landing page. You can also find a weekly topic choosen by the community on the front page.

  7. Can I set 200WaD to my own timezone?

    Yes! You just have to set the desired timezone in your Settings page.

  8. Can I keep my posts private?

    There are 3 types of posts on the website:

    • Public posts: can be read by anyone
    • Protected posts: only visible to the members of the community and not indexed by Google
    • Private posts: for PATRON members, only visible to you but can be shared using the post's URL

  9. What is #TeamStreak?

    #TeamStreak is a group of members who reached a 30 day streak, also known as Brandon's Team.

  10. Where can I signal a bug or suggest improvement points (or send some ❤️)?

    Reach out to Basile via Twitter, email (hello[at]200wordsaday[dot]com), or Slack (members only).

  11. How can I connect with the other members?

    Members can talk and share their thoughts on our Slack workspace Writers Shipping Daily.
    You can subscribe here, or come say hi already.

  12. What is a PATRON?

    A Patron is a member who subscribed to the Patron plan.
    Patrons support the financial sustainability of the 200WaD indie community, run by one indie maker full-time.

  13. What is in the PATRON plan?

    For all: Unlimited public posts, 3 collections

    For Patrons: Unlimited private posts, Unlimited collections, scheduled publications, streak off, Fixed price (will never increase for you, forever) + 🚧 New PATRON features coming up: custom domain, advanced analytics...

  14. How can I contribute?

    By writing and delivering feedbacks :)
    If you want to go further, consider subscribing to the Patron plan, or reach out to Basile if you have a particular skillset.

  15. Who is behind 200WaD?

    200WaD is a one-man business developed and run full-time by Basile Samel. AMA

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