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Apr 22, 2019 08:36:01

100-day streak

by @juliasaxena PATRON | 208 words | 🐣 | 228💌

Julia Saxena

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This is it! I'm joining the 100-day club. Can't believe I made it. 

I'm more motivated and excited than ever about this endeavor. I want to keep going and going and going.

Reflecting on 100 days of writing, here are my takeaways:

  • It's difficult to write daily, but not impossible. 
  • There's always something to write about even if it doesn't seem that way (I think my most desperate post was about the waving Chinese cat that sits next to my TV).
  • By forcing myself to keep writing, I'm thinking more outside the box and getting creative. 
  • It helps to have somebody who reminds you on a daily basis to write (my husband in this case).
  • I should always have a backup plan for when I'm traveling. Pre-writing a few posts wouldn't hurt. 
  • I want to dig deeper into certain topics like freelancing and copywriting. 
  • Writing things down that I, for myself, want to remember helps manifest it in my mind. 
  • Getting things out of my head through writing down frees up a lot of mental capacity for other important stuff. 

I truly enjoy being part of the 200WAD community. It really helps to read about other people's journeys and struggles with writing. 

Let's keep going! To the next 100 days! 

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    THANK YOU! @keni @brandonwilson @brianball @rawhead @efran @jasonleow @basilesamel Go #teamstreak!

    Julia Saxena avatar Julia Saxena | Apr 23, 2019 07:07:17
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    @juliasaxena - Congratulations! Glad to have a third lady in the 100 days club! :) Now we can rule daClub.

    Keni avatar Keni | Apr 22, 2019 10:59:39
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    @juliasaxena This is an important and symbolic milestone. Congratulations on joining the 100 Club! #Teamstreak

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Apr 22, 2019 07:41:24
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    @juliasaxena - w00t! 100 is no slouch. Is your husband writing on here or is he just a good reminderer? I'd like to read his writing about the work required to cajole you. "Come on' J - we can watch this movie after you get your writing in. It's only 200 words. Would @brandonwilson give you a pass? Even if you have a really good excuse? I'll sit here and do some work while you write -- so you don't feel alone."

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Apr 22, 2019 06:41:03
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      @juliasaxena @brianball Unconsciousness I would give a pass on. Not much else.

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Apr 22, 2019 07:42:02
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    @juliasaxena WooHoo n' nice job! #WEARETEAMSTREAK

    Jeff Riddall avatar Jeff Riddall | Apr 22, 2019 09:22:59
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    @juliasaxena ... welcome in the team :)

    Efran avatar Efran | Apr 22, 2019 15:20:27
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    @juliasaxena awesome work there! 100 is a major milestone and achievement indeed. Happy for you! Do share more about how you had to think outside the box and get creative....think we can all learn from one another ??

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Apr 22, 2019 21:10:22
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    @juliasaxena Congrats!!!!! :D Welcome to the 100 Day Club

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Apr 22, 2019 14:40:43
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