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Jul 09, 2019 00:07:11

4 day internet fast

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I'm back from my 4 day social media fast ?

Had so much fun I'm honestly reluctant to come back. Here's a short vlog



A funny thing I learned during my fast is that I don't miss the internet at all. In fact I'm a little sick and tired of it.

No I don't mean Google Maps, tourist information, and stuff that helps you get around in a place you don't know. I mean THE internet.


Actually ... asking real human people for help instead of overbearing corporate overlords was kind of refreshing. Something special about asking a forest ranger, a campground owner, or a barista, for trail and sights recommendations.

Very different than the sterile, yet more accurate, Google recommendation. ?


The part I didn't miss was the social media. The news. The instant distraction machine.

Bite-sized pieces of content that act like junk food for the mind.


The problem with modern media is that it's junk food. You take a bite, you don't even like it that much, yet you instantly want another bite.

It's a super normal stimulus and it's insidious.



Worst part is that this junk food for the mind doesn't tell you what to think, much worse ? it tells you what to think _about_.

You can't help it.

Having my own thoughts back for 4 days was beyond lovely. But how do I keep it up? ?


Yes it's basically The Addict Problem ?

You know you're addicted, but you can't stop.

Remove the trigger, the addiction goes away.

Put triggers back, it returns.

But I'm a web developer. I can't do my work without the internet and I need the internet to get better at my work ?

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