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Jan 19, 2019 13:37:18

A week in San Francisco

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Sarah Hum

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This week I found myself back in San Francisco. A place I’m pretty familiar with because I lived here for years previously. It’s where I had my first full-time job. It’s where I first felt like an adult. While a lot has changed since the first time I was here, a lot is the same.

I can’t think of any other city where tech is so prevalent. Just riding in our Lyft from the airport, every billboard you see is from a tech company. The view from my friend’s apartment in SOMA looks out onto a billboard for the red iPhone XR.

I appreciate being able to look around in a coffee shop and see people not writing code in their text editors. People editing videos, reading papers, drawing. Even just having a conversation that isn’t about venture capital. The $16 avocado toast is real and it’s not going anywhere. I don’t think I realized how drastic this was until I left San Francisco.

Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing friends who still live in the city. They are some of the smartest people I know. All, of course, who work in tech. I just don’t see myself living here again.

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    @hum - Some examples of the toast of which you speak. Did you have a favorite?

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jan 21, 2019 09:29:49
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      @brianball Nooo why did you show this to me??? Now I'm craving some expensive toast.

      To be honest, I haven't tried most of these on the list. I did use to really like Mazarine's egg and avocado toast. Sadly, the last time I had it, I was not impressed. Maybe an off day.

      Sarah Hum avatar Sarah Hum | Jan 21, 2019 09:53:30
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      @hum - how long are you in town?

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jan 22, 2019 08:45:54
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