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Mar 21, 2019 23:51:05

Adapting To New Environments

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Keenen Charles

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It's always surprising when you find some cultural difference that you had no idea existed. You're shocked, confused, and not sure what to make of it.

I've noticed that the reactions to these differences vary wildly from person to person. Some will make a remark on the difference and then continue along. Others will dismiss it and ignore it completely. And some will try to change it to suit their typical behaviour.

But what makes exploring new cultures so interesting is the inevitable questioning of your own norms and behaviours that it leads to. They provide a rare opportunity to find the fundamental beliefs you've never challenged. Our cultural ticks are so ingrained in us that we rarely think about them. Why do we consider particular foods as only suited for breakfast? Why do we dress the way we do?

Questioning those things can make you reconsider your views and make you more open to different approaches. As comforting as it is to change a cultural quirk to your own sensibilities you lose the potential to learn that comes from engulfing yourself in it. So maybe it's better that we adapt ourselves to new environments and only judge the experience fully then.

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