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Jul 14, 2019 18:51:37

Again, know me as a stranger

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At first, I have to say thank you, 200 WAD.
Finally, here 100th is, what to write for this particular post?
I want a short and sweet one.
"Get to know me as a stranger" is my first post on Feb 18 (not very readable, and quite a mess).
That's my initial motivation for writing here. 
Now after 139 posts and 99 streaks, how to know me as a stranger?

I'm a do-it-yourselfer: self-made standing desk, self-designed journal, self-organized office space, ...

I'm a storyteller: fish-bird born from the bubbles and died back to fish, a girl gets 10 years older after passing each bus station, tree-brain with heavy rains and flying birds...

I'm a weirdo: wearing sunglasses indoors, wearing a bright yellow hat all day, preferring pictures with eyes looking at me as decorations, using the drawer as a desk, ...

I'm tool-motivated:  always hunting for new tools as well as new philosophies, collecting dozens of handy chrome extensions, crazy for Coda, talking to AI,...

I am brave: stopping trying to finish tasks on time and start to solve problemskilling my cows to challenge myself, leaving the people that I don't want to be their average and finding my own next five, ...

I observe myself: when I am 100% of relaxed, the annoying copy-paste-format-done chain, wasted time of web page loading,  speak 0.5x with my bf, ...

I made myself disciplined:  sit-stand change, working on Pomodoro timer, daily journaling, delaying my laziness by "maybe one day, but not today", ...

In one word, I'm a life experimenter.
There are endless to say because I'll never end writing here. 
Thanks again, 200 WAD.

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    @5plus6 .. Ohhh I forgot to comment your 100 post, I m sorry my fav writer ... I think you improved so much and you are more confident ... great inspiration .. keep going :)

    Efran avatar Efran | Jul 16, 2019 09:54:11
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      wow, I'm your fav one? So proud to hear that!

      Look, my profile is I'm "stuck to make hard choices", so I have to write down the things happening on me.

      Actually, I admire yours, "Just about ordinary life will see where it's gonna go". The first time I read, it has left a deep impression on me: so peaceful.

      5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Jul 16, 2019 19:54:58
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    @5plus6 congrats to the 100th post, geez just when I thought I know you more, you show me so many different sides of you again. haha

    Knight avatar Knight | Jul 16, 2019 06:36:54
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      "I know you more, you show me so many different sides of you."

      I'm in a stage recovering from depression and creating an ideal self.

      But, I have to remind me every day: 'record' in 100% honesty of my current self version, other than playing with the words to 'create' a perfect one.

      5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Jul 16, 2019 19:43:30
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    @5plus6 Congrats friend! :) Awesome to see another member join the 100 Club, and well deserved!

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Jul 14, 2019 18:47:53
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      Besides achieving 100 streaks in discipline, I have unlocked so many motivations to be a better human.
      Thank you for your great product.

      5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Jul 16, 2019 01:00:25
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    Seun Oyebode avatar Seun Oyebode | Jul 14, 2019 17:45:41
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      ... the first time to know "<3" means a heart. Thank you and I'm one of your daily readers.

      5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Jul 16, 2019 19:37:21
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      @5plus6 Awww.

      Thank you.

      Seun Oyebode avatar Seun Oyebode | Jul 16, 2019 12:44:02
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    @5plus6 ???

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Jul 14, 2019 22:52:56
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      May I ask how did you feel when you get your first 100? You seem never have lost your streaks.
      The night after checking so many notifications from others (since there are links in the post), I slept in happy but woke up by a nightmare of anxiety: what to write tomorrow?

      The 100th is easy, but 101 and 102 are totally out of control.

      5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Jul 16, 2019 19:34:01
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      @5plus6 I wrote about my 100th post here. I was happy I guess? But I was still struggling to find inspiration to write daily then. So I can empathise with your anxiety. It's only when I got to 200 that I got in the groove and became more comfortable in my 'writing' skin.

      Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Jul 16, 2019 22:31:51
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    @5plus6 This was an uplifting post, which I very much appreciated to read this morning in particular. Welcome to the 100 Club! I am so happy that you are writing here and that you're a member of #Teamstreak. Keep going.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jul 14, 2019 07:25:10
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      You're so kind. And thank you for sharing your behind stories with us today.
      Beyond 100th streak, there are growing in writing, creating more momerise, exploring more possibilities.
      I'm not finding myself here, instead, I create my ideal one here.

      5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Jul 16, 2019 00:45:00
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    @5plus6 - this is actually a fantastic contribution: to yourself and to us. I have learned several things along this 100-streak path. The recap is great as I'll now dig in and learn a few more things. Thanks for typing with us.

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jul 14, 2019 06:40:05
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      I force myself to slow down, otherwise, I would reply too many "easy thanks".

      "Thanks for typing with us." touched me so much that I have to add it on one page of my slide.

      Thanks for reading one piece of my life, and encouraging me to improve the whole part.

      5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Jul 16, 2019 00:30:13
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      @5plus6 -- Love it! And, I shared several of those slides with my family this morning. The one about three hobbies was cool. My son replied: I already found all three in one. ( He works at a rock-climbing gym. ) The slow down. Do it again. is one of my favorites.

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jul 15, 2019 10:17:07
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      That's my favorite, too! I say it to myself every day.

      It's from one of Tim Ferriss's podcasts: Dave Elitch — How to Get Out of Your Own Way (#348) https://tim.blog/2018/11/26/dave-elitch/

      5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Jul 16, 2019 20:00:39
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      @5plus6 I'll give it a listen. Thank you.

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jul 16, 2019 07:28:10
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