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Jun 23, 2019 17:38:13

Art block?

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Sarah Hum

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I think I might be experiencing what they call "art block". I've seen other artists talk about it pretty often.

I guess it's really similar to writer's block. You just… don't know what to write or draw. Nothing seems particularly inspiring even if you feel like drawing something. I end up scrolling endlessly through my Instagram feed searching for a "draw this in your style" challenge that calls to me.

Over time, frustration sets in. "I could have been halfway done a drawing by now," I think to myself. I love the feeling of working on a drawing and it coming to life out of nothing. So anything that prevents me from getting to that state is frustrating. 

So how do you get over it? I'm not quite sure. I think stepping away might help. Stop thinking about your block and letting it frustrate you. Maybe do some loose sketches or find a prompt list to spark some ideas.

The other day I posted to my Instagram story asking for fan art suggestions. That actually really helped. I ended up drawing a pretty cool modern Mulan Γ  la Wreck-It Ralph 2. Maybe I can look at that list of suggestions again. Whatever it is, I hope I get over this soon.

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