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Jan 30, 2019 15:49:44

Attracting top talent

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Sarah Hum

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Common advice for hiring is to go outbound. Things like setting up your talent pipeline, going to recruiting events and conferences, scouring LinkedIn.

We were a two-person company with no recruitment expertise and little time. How were we supposed to compete with big tech?

Our recruiting had to be inbound; people come to us. Weโ€™re very light with getting our open roles out there. We post on Hacker News: Who is hiring?, and weโ€™re listed on RemoteOK and NoDesk.

Iโ€™m happy to say, weโ€™re doing it! Getting people to apply is one thing. Getting the cream of the crop, aka top talent, to apply, is another.

Andre, who works on customer success, joined us last October. In his own words:

โ€œI wanted to join a small start up again with innovative, smart and passionate founders. That they were solving a problem I understood, and knew would be making a big difference for other people. It was as if the stars had aligned when I came across Canny.โ€

Andre worked at Airbnb for seven years. Heโ€™s the nicest guy ever and we knew he was smart from our first chat.

Dan, a software engineer, joined us last month. Dan worked at Tesla for three years. Heโ€™s a free spirit that breathes new life into the team while challenging us to push harder.

Both couldโ€™ve worked for any company but chose us instead.

Beyond that, our hiring inbox is constantly growing with people who have worked at amazing companies.

I'll be sharing more about how we're attracting these legit people. 

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    @hum it feels like everything is great with Canny, of course, I am happy about it, but tell us also about some struggles! haha ... great project, great owners, great story .. sure you are a magnet for good people!:)

    Efran avatar Efran | Jan 30, 2019 21:58:17
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