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Jun 07, 2019 22:09:26

Benefits of writing

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Santhosh Guru

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I have been writing 200 words a day since December 2018. Fairly consistent. Other than 200WaD community, I had no clue who else was reading my writing. I am fairly shy about promoting it through social media. The thought of posting a Tweet or post on Facebook every day was cringe-inducing for me. I started to cross-post on my own website. The analytics data was appalling. My website had only less than 200 unique views in the past two months. It still is. But I am quite happy now.

I started to send out a fortnightly newsletter one month ago. I did that only because of the Write of Passage course. I used the newsletter as a vehicle to promote my writing. I was not shy to put my newsletter out in social media, as it is a once in two weeks ritual. 

Newsletter as a format helped me a lot. I was just plugging my writing along with other interesting content. It is still an experiment, but I have been getting personal feedback from a surprising number of people. School mates whom I have not even spoken for the past 15 years, people at work who haven't spoken to me much but with whom some of the blogs resonated well. My most anticipated feedback loop was closed by these interactions.

I am just reminded of @haideralmosawi's writing that: Your writings matter more than you think. It is so true.

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    @santhoshguru From my experience it is usually more people that you think...

    Well done!

    Valentino Urbano avatar Valentino Urbano | Jun 08, 2019 20:28:02
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    @santhoshguru incredible Santhosh! Really happy for you :)

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Jun 07, 2019 19:34:41
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      @basilesamel Thanks a lot. The keystone habit for this entire thing is actually writing in 200WaD. So thank you for that.

      Santhosh Guru avatar Santhosh Guru | Jun 08, 2019 16:35:26
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    @santhoshguru it's a truth that proves itself again and again, as long as you have an opportunity to get feedback from your readers through other means (not always through comments on what you write, but offline, via email, etc).

    Glad your writings are touching lives and wish you the best of luck. :D

    Haider Al-Mosawi avatar Haider Al-Mosawi | Jun 07, 2019 20:18:13
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      @santhoshguru @haideralmosawi So true. If you want proof your writing matters just look at the stats (when you have them). I rarely get comments on my blog, but I see readers on it from all over the world. Somebody is always interested/always cares.

      Gabriel Greco avatar Gabriel Greco | Jun 07, 2019 23:34:49
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      @haideralmosawi Thanks a lot ?

      Santhosh Guru avatar Santhosh Guru | Jun 08, 2019 16:35:42
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      @haideralmosawi @gabrielgreco True. A friend of mine recently said there is always an audience for the content we read. Even if the audience is just one person, it is worth putting our thoughts out in words.

      Santhosh Guru avatar Santhosh Guru | Jun 08, 2019 16:36:53
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