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Apr 20, 2019 22:44:18

Bike day

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Sarah Hum

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We knew we wanted to get out of the house this weekend. Actually, we wanted to go to the beach which is 20 meters from our doorstep. The weather wasn't ideal for beaching but great for biking.

Las Palmas has a great bike share service called Sitycleta. We paid 20 euros for the month and there are stations all over the city. We hopped on a couple bikes and headed north into the peninsula. There wasn't much to see but it was a fun ride.

From there, we headed straight down south along the east coast. Las Palmas has a surprisingly good network of bike lanes. Next to our bike lane, there was a pedestrian land, and then the beach. It was a very pleasant ride.

It started to sprinkle a bit but, thankfully, we were nearby our destination, Petit Cafe. Such a cute spot! It was empty when we got there. We ordered our usual: dos cafe descafeinado con leche con hielo. Basically and iced latte. They usually bring the ice in a cup by itself. We have fun pouring the coffee into the cup with ice, trying not to spill any.

I was able to draw for a few hours and bike back home for dinner. All in all a great day!

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