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Apr 13, 2019 23:12:13


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I am a potato person. I'll eat potatoes in pretty much any shape or form. Baked, mashed, fries, hash browns, soup, you name it. Chips are my go-to snack (it runs in the family). 

There's a chip flavor that I've only encountered in Europe that I love. In Spanish, it's called Campesina. It's not clear what the flavor actually is by eating the chips. On the bag, there are images of a tomato, onion, garlic, and either parsley or cilantro.

It's hard to explain what it tastes like but it's really good. Probably a mix of garlic power, onion powder, some herbs, and, of course, salt. I like a chip that isn't too overwhelming in flavor. I love all dressed but I feel even more unhealthy eating it. Campesina is light but yummy and not boring like plain flavor. 

Google Translate says campesina means "peasant", as in, a "countrywoman". I have no idea why but I also don't really have a better suggestion. Maybe something along the lines of "herb medley"? Although that doesn't really do it justice. I'm stumped.

Why don't they have these in North America?? Maybe I can take some of these home with me…

Sorry for my random weekend ramblings.

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    @hum high five for the potato person !

    Knight avatar Knight | Apr 14, 2019 06:40:39
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      @knight ??

      Sarah Hum avatar Sarah Hum | Apr 14, 2019 12:05:41
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