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May 24, 2019 23:50:04

Canny Best Practices: Customer Success

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Sarah Hum

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This series is on Canny best practices for your role. In this post, we highlight a few ways that Canny improves life of a customer success rep.

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Canny for Product Management

A big part of customer success is making sure customers are equipped with the features they need. Sometimes, the functionality doesn’t exist. In these times, you are the glue between customers and the product team. It’s your responsibility to understand the problem at hand and communicate that to product. 

Communicating with product

Without Canny, customer feedback is very ad-hoc. You may have a Google doc you use to record customer requests. You may have conversations with a product manager via Slack. Communicating with product managers is sporadic and/or unseen. Information gets lost and your customers remain unsuccessful.

Canny becomes your dedicated home for customer requests. Canny is the level playing field where product can see the most important requests and build their roadmaps. For customer success, it means being able to keep track of your customers and all their requests. You can see the status of each request and either update customers automatically or on a 1-on-1 basis.

…to be continued.

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