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May 20, 2019 16:46:37

Canny Best Practices: Product Management

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Sarah Hum

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The best product teams are powered by data. Product usage stats, customer research, and customer feedback. By making sure you have a pulse in all aspects, you as a product manager can feel empowered to make the most impactful product decisions. Canny is built to help product managers make better decisions informed by customer feedback.

In this post, we highlight a few ways that Canny improves life of a product manager.

Life before Canny

Your customer base is growing and, as a result, more people are giving feedback. At first, feedback is quite manageable. You or your customer-facing teammates receive feedback and log it in a basic system, often a spreadsheet. Over time, however, the spreadsheet that was once simple and easy to understand, is now chaotic.

There is no way that you can put that data to good use. Pulling insights from a messy system is time consuming and painful. You resign to not taking advantage of feedback at all. 

Enter Canny

With Canny, your data is organized. You suddenly feel that you have a good grasp on what people are saying. Partnered with usage data and customer research, you can be confident in what your team decides to work on.

To be continued…

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