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May 10, 2019 11:22:11

Canny Best Practices: Status Changes

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Sarah Hum

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At Canny, we strive for simplicity. Particularly for the end user experience as we want your team to get as much feedback as possible. That's why we have a fixed set of roadmap statuses. We want you to reserve your more complex and specific status attributes to your internal team. 

When you change the status of a post, you can optionally add a note to explain the decision or ask questions.

Let's take a quick look at the statuses in Canny and when they should be used.


This is the default status that every new post gets. It simply means that no decision has been made on the request. Don't be afraid to revert something back to "open" (or any other status). Things happen! Leaving a little explanation is always appreciated.

Sorry all, we're changing this back to open. Our team has decided to move more towards [product direction] thus we're de-prioritizing [feature]. Thanks for understanding!

Under Review

This status is to show that your team is considering the request. No official decision has been made on it but your team is keeping an eye on it. You're looking for more insights via votes and comments.

Your comment can say something like:

Our team is considering this request. We'd love to hear more from you.
What problem are you trying to solve with this?
How important is this feature to you?
Who on your team would use this feature?


It's official! Your team has added a request to the roadmap. Let your customers know they have something to look forward to. This is your chance to ask more questions that will help development.

How would you want X to work?
What do you expect to happen when Y?
How often do you think you Z?

If you have mockups already, attach those to your comment and see what people think. If you're considering multiple directions, consider posing both to see which one people resonate with more.

In Progress

Getting closer! Your team is now actively working on the request. This is a good time to set expectations for the new feature. 

You can share:

  • Up to date mockups
  • The scope of the feature (what functionality is included, what isn't)
  • When people can expect the feature to be complete

You can also gauge interest in beta testers. People who voted on the request are highly likely to be interested in participating.


This one's easy: the feature is ready to use! Let your customers know how they can use the new feature. They will be very excited. Marking a post as complete is officially closing the loop on that feedback. Great work!

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