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May 29, 2019 19:47:26

Canny Best Practices: User Research & Design

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Sarah Hum

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This series is on Canny best practices for your role. In this post, we highlight a few ways that Canny can be used for UX research and design.

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As people working in UX, our job is to create the best user experience for our customers. This involves putting in the work ahead of time to understand what that means. There are many ways that your team can do research to reveal insightsβ€”both before and after the design process.

Conducting user interviews, creating surveys, and running beta tests are just a few popular methods. With those, you can find answers to many questions:

How will this feature make their lives easier?
How do they want the feature to work?
Is the UI intuitive?

With Canny, you have a another group of people who are willing to share their opinions. Everyone in Canny has expressed interest by leaving votes on requests. These are people who have experienced the problem they think will be solved by a particular request. Having this information at your fingertips is very handy for preliminary research through to the final prototype. Here's how you can best put data in Canny to use.

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