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Feb 02, 2019 10:45:10


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Sarah Hum

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I’ve always been more of a morning person. I wake up pretty naturally by myself around the same time everyday. I also sleep less than the average recommend 8 hours a night. 

Andrew on the other hand, is more of a night person. He likes staying up late and usually needs more than 8 hours of sleep. 

It becomes a little tricky when you’re in a relationship and also starting a company together. I used to get super frustrated waiting around in the mornings. If I’m being honest, I still kind of do. It’s tough when all you want to do is get work done but your partner is out of commission.

I’m slowly coming to respect different working styles and cadences. I’m more of a marathon runner to Andrew’s a sprinter. I’ll either head off by myself early or Andrew goes to bed early. Not ideal in both cases but better than other options.

Compromises! All of us are unique in our own ways. The chances that you and another person won’t conflict ever are slim to none. Sometimes you have to make a compromise to work things out. When it works and everyone’s still happy, it’s pretty flipping great. 

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