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Jun 28, 2019 10:51:31

Cutting down on 200wad

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I have decided to cut back on 200wad for now.

Not the writing part, but the interacting, reading and commenting.

I love you guys and we have something special here, but 200wad is becoming another time waster for me, along with Reddit, Facebook and Twitter.  It has just become another place to go where I am looking for a "hit" of insight into my own life, by reading about others.

Sure, some of you have some good views on life, happiness, business and being fulfilled but for me, I have realized that it needs to come from within.  For too long I have been looking to external things like books and YouTube videos to try to help me.  The lightbulb moments of epiphany have not come yet - and I don't think they will.

I have always had that nagging feeling that throughout all of my problems, be it depression or struggling to take action with my online business (probably the same root cause) I have been looking for someone or something that will lead me to take action.  I have been looking for that "spark" that might jump start my brain.

But I don't think it exists.

It has to come from within me.  I have to want to do these things, improve myself and my life and get what I want, but I will have to work out a way to do it on my own.  No book or video, mentor or guru will help me if I can't even open a document and write the next article that might propel my business idea forward.

200wad has taught me that forming a positive habit is possible.

I now need to apply this simple logic to my life.

I will still be here each day, writing, but will try to avoid getting pulled into the rabbit hole too.

Edit: just thought I would also drop this link here about cutting down on attention seeking apps and habits.  Useful information.

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    @twizzle It's perfectly healthy to think like this Twiz' ? A simple trick that helped me overcome this over-consumption habit is "Produce first". Whatever service you use, don't open it without creating something first: Twitter -> write a tweet, 200WaD -> write a post. Then close it. Browse to get inspiration and/or to pay-it-forward by helping others. Hope it helps.

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Jun 28, 2019 13:01:54
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      @twizzle @basilesamel - one feature I think I requested already, but if not here it is: Set a cookie in my browser to not show me any option besides the writing area when I get to 200 wad until I've written that day. ( obviously would have to be a checkbox, but I would use it ) #producefirst

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jun 28, 2019 04:57:26
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      @brianball that should be included in a future "Focus" mode, but it's not a priority as of today. First I'm refactoring the core features and finishing the social update (200WaD v2), then I will start working on it.

      Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Jun 28, 2019 14:23:32
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      @twizzle @basilesamel interesting how we all have differing habits that work for each of us. On the contrary, I always start with commenting and reading first, to 'warm up' to writing, get some inspiration from the quality posts here. But I hear you Twiz about the risk of falling down the rabbit hole here - as the community grows, that's certainly happening more, for me as well.

      Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Jun 28, 2019 20:59:33
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      @basilesamel - maybe the social update isn't a great idea. Have you polled anybody to see if they want a 200-word daily twitter?

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jun 28, 2019 08:07:28
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      @twizzle @basilesamel @jasonleow I agree with Jason. I tend to read and comment first. For me it's less about inspiration or the head start and more interest. I wouldn't want to be locked into only writing before I could proceed.

      And, for what it's worth, I think the social piece is good and important for those who want it. I did a #200WordsADay check on Twitter the other day and was a little dismayed to notice I'm one of the only people sharing my stuff on a regular basis. I'm not saying this is for everyone, but I appreciate being able to disseminate my thoughts, whether they're read or not.

      Jeff Riddall avatar Jeff Riddall | Jun 28, 2019 15:52:32
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      @brianball yes, community first.

      Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Jun 29, 2019 04:39:58
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      @brianball People come back to write every day because they are part of a community they can relate to. Social is part of the core values of 200WaD, so it makes sense to grow this aspect (chat feature + Writing Circles, two suggestions I got from the community).

      Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Jun 29, 2019 04:51:17
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      @basilesamel - I like it to. the comments are the best part

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jun 28, 2019 21:14:11
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    @twizzle I know what you mean, sometimes I find myself scrolling through the articles for hours.

    Philipp Haidenbauer avatar Philipp Haidenbauer | Jun 28, 2019 12:24:04
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