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Jul 13, 2019 22:07:15


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Keenen Charles

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"Few decisions are irreversible"
This is something I constantly need to remind myself. Big decisions can seem so daunting. Small ones too. You weigh all the potential outcomes, the best, the worst and the impossibly unlikely but maybe it could still happen? But while every decision has consequences it's rare that a decision is completely irreversible. 
Personally, I think a lot of my hesitation and excessive deliberation comes from a fear of being stuck with a poor decision. But you can only be stuck with a poor decision by choice. Often your pride can keep you from reversing your choices. We can afraid of being wrong and even more afraid of others knowing we were wrong. If you accept that being wrong is okay, any decision can be reversed.
It doesn't completely remove the stress of making a big decision but it gives you some comfort. Then you're only left with the torturous process of exploring every outcome and figuring out what you really want. But we're fickle beings. What we think we want can change at any moment. What we really want can change just as quickly. Whatever decision that process leads to, you can just as easily change your mind about it later.
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