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May 01, 2019 08:23:54

Developer Journal End Apr 2019

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Lots of things have happened for the past two weeks, which is why I didn't have much time to write more on my site, I expect to write more in May and have a few more ideas on the content directions.

There are two things I m thinking to add on is writing down some of the recommended products, there are tons of new product launch in producthunt daily, and I love to try out new products, might be a good idea to a short listing post on some of the products I tested. Another thing is to build up the faq page for a specific topic, for example, a TwillCMS faq page or Laravel Spark faq page to share some of my ideas when I build on top of these beautiful framework /CMS/packages.


I have continued my shipping streak on both WIP & Makerlog, almost reach the 50 clubs soon, one of the regrets is I only have time to log task but don't have time to fit in the community.

I m still picking up Vue; it's a bit slow because my current work doesn't utilise a lot on Vue, I guess I am going to spend another month on it. After trying some other online learning resources, I think Laracast is still one of the best learning resources.

I have learned a lot on TwillCMS because of my current project, and I think I make the right choice to using this for my current project, so far the progress has been excellent and I m thinking to build some resources to help others on TwillCMS.

I started WordPress plugin development as well; I have reference to a few other plugins to work out the style I want. Building a WordPress plugin is not something new to me, but I need some time to learn about how to integrate with other API.


WebhookHQ launched, but without much changes on the visitorship, it's a little bit quiet after the initial launch.

I have started IntegrateWP focused on delivering Integration between WordPress and other API. This product work more like a brand to building WordPress related plugin. Currently, I m working to Integrate different Form Action with Elementor as a start.


I have completed one project which integrates Ninja form with a local payment gateway; I can only say how I wish they use Stripe. Completion of the project and the Client want me to help out on other features, based on what he shared with me, it seems like I am going to scrap what I have just built for them to provide an all in one solution.

One of the exciting features I build on top of TwillCMS is a colour matching feature, so what I do is using the colour steal package to extract the colour from existing products and save it. When a user uploads their image, the backend will extract the colours from the picture, match it and return relevant products.

I have just confirmed another project from my existing client to extend their current event system, it going to be pretty busy for the next few weeks.

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