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Mar 20, 2019 17:57:39

Developing emails nightmare

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Sarah Hum

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I just spent basically my whole day (re)building our product emails. We got an email from a customer's customer this morning letting us know that they looked strange. Turns out (surprise, surprise) that they weren't rendering properly on Microsoft Outlook. However, we take pride in our product craft and couldn't let that brokenness continue any longer. So I committed to improving them.

Why Microsoft, why do you make life hard for us? With Internet Explorer too. The emails work as expected everywhere else. A tiny change can cause a chain reaction and break a bunch of stuff. Most of my time was spent Googling for the answer to some obscure problem that other people have (thankfully) experienced before. It's maddening! 

Hours later, I have an email that renders acceptably in Outlook but is still weird in Yahoo Mail on Firefox. In times like these, optimize for the cases that are the most prominent. Under 1% of our users use old versions of Internet Explorer. Sorry, we can't support you! Not only is it something you need to do once, it needs ongoing support. I'm just going to call this a win and move on to the other emails.

Here we go…!

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