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Jun 17, 2019 06:50:44

Failure for Trello to Notion

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It's my 3rd try to migrate my workflow over to Notion, and this round I did all in and put everything over to Notion and use it solely only. It doesn't work.

Notion is a little bit complex, that's why I didn't just do an exact copy to convert my workflow over, I try to work out within what Notion is good at and build some new workflow that me. I give up after one week and feel that it doesn't suit me and no need to chase the hype for it

What I don't like about Notion.

  • It's slow, everything you open the page it takes a few seconds to load, it's frustrating if you try to switch page a lot. 
  • It's complicated. It is flexible to do all kind of setup; at the same time, but it's hard to master it.
  • It's more a content-based direction platform; I feel that if you write a lot or taking a lot of note, it seems more suitable for a use case like this.

I m still going to try some setup on Notion, might be my ideas bank or something visual, but I think I will settle my main workflow on Trello, it's fast, and it serves me well, after this round of testing on Notion, I learn something new and going to practice it optimise my workflow on Trello also. It's like after building some side project; I have new ideas on how to improve my core products.

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