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Aug 03, 2019 19:22:26

Family Weekend

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Sarah Hum

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I'm back up north hanging out with my parents and brother this weekend. It's my cousin's birthday on Sunday so I'm getting some quality family time. Meanwhile, Andrew is partying it up in Miami at a bachelor party.

I'm loving having some mom-cooked meals again. She's growing some vegetables in her garden so we've got some real organics. It's also peach season so we're enjoying some tasty crunchy peaches. 

Today, I went on a little adventure with my brother to find him a job. We printed off 30 resumes and handed them out all over town. Most people told him to go apply online but he did get one interview! I think we gave him the push he needed this weekend.

Tonight, we're finally watching Endgame. I smartly watched Spiderman Far from Home a few weeks ago so I knew some pretty big spoilers. Still, the movie is pretty cool in how they put everything together. I won't spoil it for any of you who may be reading this.

My parents also dug out a couple boxes of my really old stuff. I'm excited to go through it all tomorrow.

What a wholesome weekend!

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