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Oct 03, 2019 15:00:00


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Sarah Hum

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Some outdoor Seattle adventures today. We went to an unofficial event dubbed "Floatqualmie". It involved around 40 people renting a bus and heading over to Snoqualmie river and floating down.

We all met up around 11am and hopped on the bus. By noon, we were at Snoqualmie inflating our floaties. Some via electric pump, some via hand pump, and some via our lungs. We had three giant unicorns and everyone else had singles. The unicorns were supposed to fit 4-5 people but we squished 7.

From there, we started our 4.5-hour float down the river. We chatted, met new people, ate Pringles, sang songs, and (some of us) got wasted. It was sunnier than we expected and didn't rain at all. 

The water was mostly slow and calm. I managed to stay fairly dry for most of the ride. At one point, there was a rogue beer in the river and I reached out to get it and ended up fully in the water. I was basically frozen after that.

Overall, a fun day! I'm happy we're spending some time outdoors before the summer is officially over. Everyone was very nice and full of energy. We're happy to be in Seattle for the next couple months!

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