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Mar 16, 2019 21:03:30

Friday Night

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Sarah Hum

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Last night we went out to one of the Irish bars where English-speakers in Sevilla hang out. It was called the Merchant. We went to meet up with another digital nomad couple, Mary and Steven. Mary’s Canadian like me and Steven is from Ireland. It’s quite difficult to meet people while you’re moving around so much so I’m glad we went!

The Merchant was hosting an improve show by the crew that goes by the Improvites. The show was about 2 hours of improv games with a break in the middle. Major props to the group. I don’t think I could ever get up on stage and do that. Everyone was funny and creative, throwing out line after line without hesitation.

After the show at just after midnight, the 4 of us wandered out to Avenue de Hércules where there are a ton of bars. Spain really comes alive at night. Every bar was overflowing and the square was packed. Some just came for the environment and brought their own alcohol. We talked, we laughed some more. At around 2am, we grabbed some doner kebab and parted ways.

Today I woke up with almost 5,000 steps on my Fitbit already. Solid night for a couple of home bodies! 

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