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Aug 14, 2019 07:04:54

Habits Streak

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I have been building a few habits this year, but one stands out the rest is my 200wad writing streak, non-stop daily writing for 200 words and it has been 250 days so far. I might not every day have exciting content, but I choose to write about something every day. The most boring post that I can think of lists out my daily schedule and figure why can't I find a focus 4 hours per day.

The next one should be my wake up 6 am a streak, I combine this with my writing streak and drinking water streak, that's the first three things I do every morning. I find it grouping a few habits streak easier to maintain. It becomes routine and become your new habits.

Next, for personal health, I have low carbo & 16:8 fasting streak.  I have pretty bad results for these two in term of habits streak. I still didn't find an excellent way to motivate myself on it, other than looking at the weighing machine. The newly added sleep @ 11 pm is another way to improve my health; it's been progressively growing. I didn't sleep on the dot of 11 pm, but at least I  start preparing when the time approached 11 pm and get myself down before 11:30pm

Lastly for self-improvement, reading & learning new things has continuously been progressing weekly, it meets my minimal monthly goal, and I think that's the limit and I don't try to push it hard currently.

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    @knight 250 days is solid! Keep going. #Teamstreak

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Aug 13, 2019 16:06:50
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