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Jul 20, 2019 19:14:26

Home office

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Sarah Hum

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In October, after coming back from Seattle, we'll be settling down in Toronto. We are fortunate to have a two-bedroom apartment in midtown. We are currently in a 400 sq ft condo and the new place is probably almost triple that size.

We are really looking forward to having more space.Having the second bedroom will mean we can actually have a dedicated office! After working out of cafes or in the same room as our bed, this will be a nice upgrade.

I'm already looking into furnishing the office. I want it to be a space that screams productivity. Everything should be optimized so that we can get work done.

The core two things I'm looking into are:

Desk I'm currently eyeing the Jarvis standing desk with an Ikea table top that we can size accordingly.

Chair We have been sitting in dining chairs and other very non-ergonomic seating. Given that we sit for a large part of our day, we're ready to invest in something that will last. I'm currently eyeing the Herman Miller Aeron chair. I'll likely look into getting it second hand because this price tag is no joke.

Beyond a great desk and chair, I'm starting to think about monitors, organization, and filling my space with art.

I'm quite excited.

If you have any expertise in home office setups, I would love your tips.

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    @hum - that's my exact setup. Jarvis standing desk purchased from Fully.com ( local branch ) with the concave desktop ( love it ) -- I've had my Aeron for 14 years and sit in it for 8+ hours daily. I have three monitors -- one is the Apple CD I've had for a while plus two cheapies I've used for traveling. I use the Roost stand, a cheap mouse and an apple bluetooth keyboard. Works well. I don't use the standup desk as much as I thought I would, but glad it's available when I do want to stand.

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jul 21, 2019 00:06:12
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