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Aug 06, 2019 15:38:37

How does collecting customer feedback help product managers?

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Sarah Hum

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Continuing to answer Quora questions to do my 200WaD while marketing Canny.

Here's my answer to: How does collecting customer feedback help product managers?

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Collect feedback to understand your customers

Your product is built to solve a problem for your customers. Looking at customer feedback is a great way to understand how well you're solving that problem. The more you can understand your customers, the better product decisions you can make.

Collect customer feedback to prioritize

At any given time, there are so many things your team can be working on.

As a product manager, part of your job is identifying the most high-impact projects your team can work on. Customer feedback is a vital signal that PMs should take into consideration when prioritizing their roadmap.

However, don't take the feedback at face value. Consider who the feedback is coming from. You still need to analyze the feedback further to uncover the insights you need.

The more signal you can get to support a project, the more confident you'll be in your decision.

Collecting customer feedback in a manageable way is quite challenging. Especially when you have a large user base. That's why we built Canny.

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