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Jul 29, 2019 09:47:58

How to speak and write good English

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I wonder why I canโ€™t string words together to express my thoughts and sentiments clearly  having been exposed to the English for as long as I can remember.  

A major factor that contributes to my low self esteem is my inability to express myself in precise and correct language. 

I have for the longest wanted to avoid grammatical errors and not make myself sound stupid.  I know and I have come across quite a number of people who speak and write very good English that it makes me feel so less of myself.

English has not been my mother tongue. It is the official language in this country but I never quite paid attention to the rules of the language. 

In my formative years, I happened to find myself in an environment where we predominantly spoke a local language otherwise called vernacular. 

This, I believe somehow contributed to my inability to have a firm grip over the language. 

This doesnโ€™t make me feel good in the least bit. I want to have power over language so so bad. I solidly know being able to communicate effectively through speaking or writing is a critical skill to have in this age and time.

Now, more than ever, Iโ€™m taking the necessary steps to attain that. 

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    @Dandelion Good message. It's never easy to learn a new language, we shouldn't be afraid of making mistakes, and putting ourselves out there by writing in public is the best way to improve.

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Jul 29, 2019 15:33:27
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