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Jun 19, 2019 07:05:57

How to use Trello to planning & keep track

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I have been using Trello to manage my goals and planning this year, I try to migrate over to Notion three times but failed, it seems like API access is coming to Notion soon, I might try again when API feature release.

The first thing about how to use Trello to planning & keep track is you need to understand about Trello. I help someone in twitter to find out that there is a secret tier for an individual to use Trello, the Trello Gold. It's a cheaper tier with reducing features for personal use; I highly recommend to subscribe if you are serious about using Trello.

The second thing is about integration, Trello can integrate with lots of external services through Zapier / IFTTT / Integromat / AutomateIO, all these services have some free tier which should be enough for personal usage, IFTTT seems like totally free.

The third thing is about Trello Power Up. You can use one power up only when you are in the free tier. If you upgrade to Trello Gold, you can access three Trello Power Up. I think one Power Up is too little, so upgrade to Trello Gold is recommended.

Trello is cross-device, you can access it through a web browser, mobile application, desktop application. It helps when you want to do all the planning & tracking when you on the move or at home.

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    @knight weird, I had no problem importing Trello boards to Notion. I did so for the boards for a particular organization where I also wanted to collaborate with others on documents as well as the boards. I stuck to Trello for my personal boards, I'm still just quicker with Trello when it comes to just the kanban functionality.

    Daniel Miller avatar Daniel Miller | Jun 18, 2019 20:39:55
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      @danielmiller same here, I also prefer Trello kanban functionality. Sure you can just import the Trello Boards over to Notion, but doing 1 to 1 import like that, might as well as stay in Trello. I try to build a Notion based Workflow after import my board over, but it doesn't really suit me, that's why I m back to Trello.

      Knight avatar Knight | Jun 20, 2019 06:21:52
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