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Feb 24, 2019 23:37:50


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I just watched How To Train Your Dragon 3.

Not many movies come to mind that manages to do as consistent a job throughout the series. Many that start with a bang can keep up with expectations in the later films.

Toy Story 1 was great, 2 was meh. Although it did redeem itself in the 3rd.

The Hunger Games sequels fizzled out after a hyped up start.

Pirate of the Carribean 1 was so good. What happened after?

I'm happy to say that HTTYD 3 is a very solid end to a solid series. I'm very impressed.

I'm going to try and not include any spoilers here but a warning anyway.

We loved Toothless from the beginning and warmed up to the Light Fury just as quickly. Their interactions transcend language though they don't speak. 

Just like Harry Potter makes you wish magic was real, this series makes you wish dragons existed. Likes dogs, they're loyal and fun. Unlike dogs, they can fly!

It's such a cute, feel-good movie. It has its funny moments. It has a bunch of action. The ending is sad but adorable at the same time. All the feels!

HTTYD 3 is a really sweet closing to a great series. Go watch it!

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