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Mar 24, 2019 16:21:14

I'm a plant nanny

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Sarah Hum

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I recently download an app called Plant Nanny. The app attempts to gamify drinking water. You enter some personal details and it figures out how much you should be drinking on a daily basis. Every time you have a glass, you “feed” your plant. Over time, your plants grow and you build a greenhouse. There are different plants you can grow and eventually creatures you can discover too.

I’m notoriously bad at drinking water everyday. There are definitely days where I don’t have any water at all. As we all (should) know, staying properly hydrated is crucial. Your body needs it to regulate its temperature and power essential bodily functions like digestion. My mom always says I better drink enough or I'll lose my youthful complexion (she's right). Being dehydrated affects your mood, mental and physical capacity. It's not fun.

For me, this app works. I’ve been drinking so much more water. It’s great! My worry now is that I “finish” the app and there’s no more plants to grow and nothing else to discover. Lose that, and I’ll might loose my motivation to drink water. Time will tell but, for now, I’m reaping the benefits and going to the bathroom every half hour. 

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