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Mar 23, 2019 07:03:13

Interesting correlations on Exist

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I talk about I try to quantify myself, configure things that can be measured in my daily life so that I can optimise it. I have been trying to use Exist, it acts as a central hub that collects all the info, and there are some interesting correlations that the system come out with.

For weight itself, I am getting these correlations

  • Your weight is higher after you get more steps.
  • Your weight is higher after you climb more floors
  • Your weight is higher after you post less on facebook
  • Your weight is higher after you use twitter less

Does it seem like things that happen in your life happen for a reason?  I haven't decided am I going to subscribe to Exist ( currently on 2-month free trial ), but it does show some interesting data to me. 

Another thing is the more services that you use are supported by Exist, the better quality of data you can get, I think I use about ten integrations, and when I was going to using personal apps now a day, I try to look for those that able to sync with Exist.

Because of trying to do all these measurements, my first generation of Apple watch has been actively used recently, and I m considering to get a new Apple Watch to get a better & more accurate measurement.

It might sound a bit creepy to have all measurement data managed by one application, but Exist is managed by a small studio and you need to pay to use. I think we are in a safe hand, at least your data are not with a typical startup that does anything to goes after crazy grow or own by some big company that provide free service and your data going used for don't know what purpose.

Finally, I use 200wordsaday more when I check in more, although I m not sure what it means.

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