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Jun 30, 2019 23:05:51

It's Not Writer's Block

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Gabriel Greco

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Does writer's block even exist? I don't believe in it. You always have something to say. While I agree that there is a blockage of sorts, I'm convinced it is self-imposed. It is a loss of interest in the writing process and it is induced by self-doubt.  It is writer's clog. And it is the writer's own handiwork. 

Sometimes I sit here thinking, is this even worth writing about? Does anyone care? Do I even care? It's as if all the weight of the world, my misanthropy, and self-loathing collide and all the words I know conspire to betray me; ideas are rotten fruit to be discarded with due revulsion; my notions about, well, just about anything, are far-fetched and worthless and better left buried in my head space. Because that's what I have, a head with space in it. 

I hate myself a little bit, and the world a little bit, and this stupid compulsion to write. Because it is useless and because I, too, am useless, and there is nothing worse than to feel useless, especially when it's about something you don't want to be useless at. Just ask an injured athlete. Or a dickless pornstar. 

Not that writers are anything like pornstars or athletes. They wish! This one saying has always stayed with me: "Those who can, do, and those who can't, teach." To that I will add, "and those who cannot do either, write". 

So write, goddammit, and stop clogging the fuckin' pipes. 

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    @gabrielgreco feels man. Sometimes I think it's a waste of time too. I know the long process is good for me though and we get better the more we do it.

    This reminds me to Simon Sinek's talk about consistency - check it out. If you Google "Sinon Sinek small things" you should find it ;)

    Craig Petterson avatar Craig Petterson | Jun 30, 2019 22:49:20
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      @craigpetterson Somebody on here, probably @brandonwilson, loves the word 'relentless discipline' which is to say it's all about the daily grind.

      Gabriel Greco avatar Gabriel Greco | Jul 02, 2019 15:31:21
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      @gabrielgreco @craigpetterson Guilty as charged. As Gary V. says you have to love the process. Maybe you won't love it in the beginning, but at some point down the road if it's still a grind then perhaps one is better suited for other activities.

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jul 02, 2019 07:56:31
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      @brandonwilson Can it be a compulsion as well as a grind? But you're right, if it feels like a grind every day, it cannot be what you're meant to do. You do need to derive some type of satisfaction from it.

      Gabriel Greco avatar Gabriel Greco | Jul 03, 2019 08:20:39
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      @gabrielgreco @craigpetterson I think the challenge with writing as a creative pursuit is the extremely low barrier to entry. A paper and pencil or a keyboard and you're off to the races. Not like learning to play the guitar, which I tried multiple times and finally gave up.

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jul 03, 2019 07:59:20
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      @craigpetterson @brandonwilson I guess this is where you separate writing from its technical form and the artistic form - which is what very few people can ever master.

      Gabriel Greco avatar Gabriel Greco | Jul 04, 2019 13:29:04
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