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Mar 08, 2019 13:06:56

IWD 2019

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Sarah Hum

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Today is Canny's 2nd birthday and International Women's Day. Both things worth celebrating.

I never thought too much about being a female founder until I looked around and saw how few of us there were. It's great to see communities like Elpha and Women Make emerging to support women in tech. Connecting like-minded women will make the community stronger. Having female role models to look up to is so inspiring and I hope it reaches younger generations.

When I'm browsing a teams /about page, it's not uncommon to see a full page of (white) men staring back. Worse are the ones with one female who is in some assistant role. I'm looking forward to seeing more women in leadership roles. I'm excited to grow our team with diversity in mind. It's something we need to think about from the start.

When it comes to being a woman, I'm one of the lucky ones. I have not been mistreated or put into obscenely uncomfortable situations. I grew up privilege to safety and respect from people around me. I've fortunately had those same privileges in my adult life. But a lot of women out there are not as lucky. We all need to stand up and protect those. 

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