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Mar 31, 2019 23:14:35

Las Palmas

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Sarah Hum

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We successfully made it to Las Palmas! On the bus ride from the airport it really hit us that we're on an island. We drove up the coast straight into the city.

Our Airbnb this month is right off Las Canteras beach. Literally 20 meters from our doorstep. We've settled in and explored a bit of our neighborhood. Since it's the weekend, the beach was packed. It was nice to walk up and down the boardwalk and people watch. Andrew's quite happy there's a solid doner place around the corner from us.

Las Palmas seems very bikeable. There are bike lanes in most places and ride share stations scattered about. We'll probably sign up for the month so we have a convenient way to get around.

It seems like the nomad/expat community here is quite lively. Just looking at meetup.com we can see a bunch of cool events that we'll probably go to. Stuff like English:Spanish language practice, beach volleyball, and tapas socials. We haven't quite figured out our working situation for the month but there are several co-working spaces we're planning on trying out tomorrow.

Overall, Las Palmas is shaping up to be a pretty cool spot! We're excited for what's to come.

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