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Jan 24, 2019 10:56:28


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We're heading to Lisbon soon for the first time. We're also doing our first team offsite there. Super, super excited.

We're staying in Alcântara, right by the LX Factory. Apparently, it used to be the home of fabric factories but is now more trendy independent stores and cafes. It's not the heart of Lisbon but it's under a 15-minute car ride to the city center. 


Escape Hunt – Doing escape rooms is becoming somewhat of a tradition at Canny. They're a great way to bond with the team while using our brains and working together.

Pastéis de Belém – Apparently, these custard tarts are a must.

Illegal Chinese Restaurant? – We'll be in Lisbon during Chinese New Year so we'll have to find some good Chinese food in the city.

Weekend Day Trip – Sintra seems like the popular one everyone does. Also looking at Setúbal and Peniche. 

Cooking Class – It would be fun to cook some authentic Portuguese dishes. I had no idea the Portuguese love codfish, or bacalhau. They prepare it in hundreds of different ways and eat it all year round!

Of course, we'll also be working together during the day. It'll be great seeing everyone in person for the first time. 

Have you been to Lisbon? Any recommendations?

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