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Feb 06, 2019 11:14:02

Lunar New Year

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Sarah Hum

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Yesterday was Lunar New Year. So, we had to find some Chinese food. Easier said than done in Lisbon. Luckily Dan speaks Mandarin so he asked some local Chinese people where to find the best Chinese food in the city.

We got a great recommendation, booked a reservation for 7pm, and prepared our bellies. This restaurant was all the way across the city. When we arrived, there was a dancing panda waiting to greet us. We got to our table and the waiters handed us encyclopedia-sized menus. We ordered a bunch of food, some baijiu (Chinese liquor), and 2L of sangria.

The food was great. We were halfway through our small dishes when the sangria arrived. However, it wasn't 2L, it was 4L. We think the waiter misheard us, he thinks we ordered wrong. Apparently, the customer isn't always right??

Suffice to say, we each had our fair share of alcohol last night. We ended up taking about 1L of sangria back home in soup containers. The ratio of food to alcohol was not big enough. I did my best to hold it all in during the car ride home. I'm proud to say I made it. I also feel great this morning. Successful CNY celebration!

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