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Apr 07, 2019 23:49:38

Modern Family

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Sarah Hum

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Our current sitcom of choice is Modern Family. As usual, we are always looking for chill shows that we can use to wind down after the day. 20 minutes a pop is perfect.

I love how the show is centered around a family. In contrast to Friends, it's less about romantic relationships of 20 somethings. The issues they tackle are very relatable while the characters are very unique.

Phil has got to be my favorite character. The goofy dad who cracks dad jokes and glances at the camera all the time. I also love Gloria. Sofia Vergara is so over-dramatic and charming at the same time. Both these characters are so different from myself but hilarious all the same.

The kids are an interesting dimension because they seem to grow up so fast. Hailey goes to college, Manny struggles with girls, Lily starts talking. Their dynamic with each other reminds me of growing up with two siblings. 

The writers are so good at putting these characters in confusing situations but bringing it all back together in the end. Usually in a heartwarming way. They use dramatic irony very well. 

I'm glad there are 10 seasons, it'll take us a while to work through these.

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