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Aug 23, 2019 23:24:51

My biggest writing struggles

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Haider Al-Mosawi

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I don't have a problem with writing. When I have an idea in mind I find it easy to construct sentences to express my thoughts. What I struggle with is what comes before large writing projects and the prospects of publishing major projects I care about.

Allow me to elaborate:

The stage I struggle with before the actual writing is the outlining stage, or creating a structure for what I'm writing. For short posts, there's not much structure and I don't need to complicate the outline (for this article I know I want to write about two of my writing struggles and I will write about each in turn). But for bigger projects (long blog posts or books) I tend to over-think and over-complicate how the piece is meant to be structured. This overthinking can often stop me in my tracks: I'm unable to write anything because I'm not too comfortable with the structure of the piece.

I find it useful to have a model that simplifies the topic I'm writing about. This can be an acronym that sums up the main ideas, a number of factors to write about (10 productivity factors, 7 life areas, etc).

I used to struggle with publishing because I would be afraid what others might think of the piece and, if it's a paid product, whether it will make the sales I want to make. 

I learned to treat sales as a separate experiment for me to conduct and refine. For now I should just focus on publishing and tweak my sales process as I go along.

What are YOUR major writing hurdles?

I'd love to find out. :)

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