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Aug 09, 2019 06:58:52

My Trello Way 2

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Changes for my usage of Trello is happening again; the Todoist + Trello combo is a failure, the reason is that using a 3rd party sync ( IFTTT ) failure and mess up my board. So I reboot my Trello again.

2019 Board

My monthly review board, it keeps tracking what happens every month, what's the highlights of that month, what did I do to improve, what I a failure, what's the new habits I build and what I am going to do next month. I have a unique column for each quarter as well; the past quarter column is summary of what happened within that three months, the next quarter column is like planning what I am going to do within the next three months.

Products Board

It's my products board; I dump all my current, previous & future products here, I have all sort of my products idea here and domains that I bought for these products. It's my products brain dump here. I have a specific one column for the products I m focus on and going to build on it.

WIP Board

My ultimate work in progress board. Once I decide my current goals for this month from the 2019 board, products that I am going to working on fro the Products board. I copy it over the WIP Board and plan it here. I think what happens on the WIP board deserve another post.

This my latest way to use Trello manage my life.

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