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Jul 06, 2019 07:46:25

My Trello Way

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I talk about my Trello usage here a few times, after the recent Notion trial run failure again, I have come back to use my good old combo - Trello + Todoist to manage most of my things. 

Coming to my old combo with some new idea to restructure my workflow, I m using IFTTT to integrate between Trello + Todoist. I did explore both API and thinking to build an integration for it, but give up the idea since it's not wise to waste time on this. 

Since I get back to Trello, I want to change how I use Trello; I want to build up new workflow and optimise it. My first testing is split the core thing into multi-board; for example, each topic (Product, Content, Freelance) will have a board. Every task that I am going to work for that board will be assign to "WIP" list which will sync over to WIP Board, WIP board will be what I check daily, and again the task on WIP will be sync over to todoist. Once I completed on todoist, I will use IFTTT sync the completed task back to a weekly review board to review.

It doesn't work well and quite messy because there is no default sync within Trello unless I pay for some other power up.

So I converted all those topic focus boards back to WIP board and created Topic Focus List, all the task card become checklist item within the Topic card.

There are three different lists in my WIP Board. WIP list hold cards that I am going to do this week, every card that within this list will auto create a task in my Todoist.

The done list will receive any task that completed in Todoist; it will clear once I have my weekly review done.

Lastly, when there are some essential cards / completed cards, I will move it to highlight list which will copy over to my monthly review board. Every month end, I will check through my monthly review board.

Everything settles within the two board, the WIP Board and Monthly Review Board. It still doesn't work really well to integrate between Trello and Todoist, but I will settle it in this way for now.

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