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Aug 15, 2019 18:16:50

My version of writing a book 200WAD style

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Brandon Wilson

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As I wrote about in a previous post, I discovered a free resource to learn about how to write and publish a book. I have been thinking about writing a book about sleep. That's just it. Thinking about it. Dabbling. Enough's enough of that. It's time for action. 

I am going to use 200WAD for this journey. To some people, writing a book "200WAD style" may mean writing posts each day that will eventually be turned into a book. While I will certainly publish content on 200WAD that will be in the book, I want to document the journey of actually learning how to write and publish a book. I want it to be out in the open for all to see. Every fear. Every stumble. No keeping secrets.

Im not even sure why I want to do this. Perhaps it's the accountability factor of the community. Maybe because I have fatigue with seeing polished, finished products. I want to see something from the beginning. The marathon runner before he ever ran a single mile. The body builder who couldn't even do five pushups. The poker pro who went all-in on the first hand with AK and busted out of a tournament. The successful author who hasn't written or published a book.

I'm sure the long road ahead is not glamorous. I'm sure it will be embarrassing at times, and I will doubt myself. But I'm going to put it out there anyway. Crash and burn or take off and fly away. You can say you've been here from the beginning if you come along for the ride.

If nothing else it will be fun. I've already got a job that isn't fun. I don't need another one of those. 

The tank is full.

Buckle up.

Time to get out of my own way.

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    @brandonwilson That's great! Looking forward to it =)

    Valentino Urbano avatar Valentino Urbano | Aug 16, 2019 17:28:33
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    @brandonwilson Way to go!!! :D Super excited to follow your journey in the open

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Aug 16, 2019 17:04:40
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    @brandonwilson - There is nobody who would attempt to be in your way. This is going to be good.
    I am officially placing my pre-order!!

    Keni avatar Keni | Aug 15, 2019 23:54:19
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    @brandonwilson looking fwd!

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Aug 16, 2019 11:34:41
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    @brandonwilson looking forward to following your journey!

    Keenen Charles avatar Keenen Charles | Aug 15, 2019 18:56:06
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    @brandonwilson - man -- here we go!

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Aug 15, 2019 18:19:24
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