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Jun 09, 2019 23:48:30

Normal Sunday

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Sarah Hum

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Not much to report today but I feel like it was a very relaxing Sunday. No complaints here.

I woke up naturally around 8:30. Our apartment gets a lot of natural light and it's extremely effective at waking me up.

I put some oatmeal on the stove. Once it's done, I spice it up with some homemade granola, strawberries and bananas. We've been having oatmeal pretty much everyday since we got back. Thanks Mom. 

After that, I watch some RuPaul while doing a bit of doodling. Around 10:30 Andrew's awake so I play another episode of drag race while he gets up.

Around noon I eat lunch while Andrew eats the rest of the oatmeal. I do some research for a cafe we can go to afterwards. We wanted something around half an hour away so we could get our steps in.

Once we reach our destination, Neo's Coffee, we see a sign that says no laptops after noon. Bummer.

Luckily, there's another great coffee shop 2 minutes away, Black Canary Expresso. We head over there, get a couple iced lattes and hunker down for a few hours. I draw and Andrew does some work.

Such a normal day but it was so nice to get out of the house for a bit.

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