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Feb 11, 2019 14:22:19

Offsite No.1

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Sarah Hum

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Oops, I broke my streak. But for good reason!

Last week was our first team offsite. We brought everyone together in Lisbon for some good old team bonding. 

As a remote team, it's so important that you get face time with everyone. Equally important is actually hanging out in person. With our 4th teammate joining, we felt that this would be a great opportunity to meet up.

If you're building a remote company, don't underestimate the benefits of meeting in person. Here are some highlights from our week together and why we're already so excited for our next one!

Pre-offsite planning

Since we were a small team, planning was fairly easy. We picked a city (Lisbon), we chose a neighborhood (Alcantara), and we set dates. There's was a coworking space nearby that would be perfect for working during the day. Everyone booked their own flights and Airbnbs and we were set.

There was no specific goal for this trip other than getting to know each other.  Something about being behind a screen hides a lot of everyone's personality. We planned to work together during the day. Outside of that, we had time and space to just hang out and explore Lisbon. 

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