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Jun 17, 2019 22:54:44

Original character 2

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Sarah Hum

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I wasn't super happy with my first original character brainstorm so I'm going to try another one here. 

Background: She lives in the modern world

Name: Aura

Age: 20

Personality: Timid and shy but she will snap back if you piss her off. She doesn't talk much unless you get to know her quite well.

Favorite colour: Blue-grey

Favorite season: Autumn

Favorite animals: Birds

Strengths: Very empathetic, good listener, gardening

Weaknesses: Athletics

Short description:

Aura woke up in the modern world 3 years ago with no idea where she came from. She looks human but she has an ethereal glow about her. She picked up human tendencies pretty quickly so she is able to blend in. One thing that isn't human, she can control the wind. 

She has short, peach-colored hair that she usually wears in half-up space buns. She has blue-green eyes and a slim face. She's a little shorter than average at 5ft/152cm tall.

Since she didn’t grow up here, she doesn’t have any childhood friends. The family that took her in has a 14 year old daughter named Casey. The two girls became fast friends.

Drawing options:

Aura standing straight with the wind blowing around her. She has a gentle smile on her face.

Aura in 3/4 view with the wind blowing at her back. Her eyes are closed and she is happy. 

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