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Jun 16, 2019 22:33:14

Original character design

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Sarah Hum

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I’m trying to design my first OC (original character) right now. I thought it would be a good idea to lay down some of her backstory and personality first. So here goes.

Background: She lives in modern-day Potterverse, decades after Voldemort’s gone.  

Name: Vanessa/Kai/Ronnie/Toni I can’t decide

Age: 14

School: 3rd year at Mayford Magical Prep

Personality: Curious, imaginative, optimistic, stubborn, hot-tempered

Favorite colour: Peach

Favorite season: Autumn

Favorite spell: Lumos

Strengths: Flying, daydreaming 

Weaknesses: Charms, potions

Short description:

XX is a young witch who hasn’t quite grown into her magic yet. Her schoolmates are all ahead of her academically but she doesn’t let that get her down.

She has long, silvery-white hair that she usually wears in half-up space buns. She has hazel-yellow eyes and slim face. She's a little shorter than average at 5ft/152cm tall. She's a bit of a tomboy.

When in her school robes, she wears a red cape with a white shirt, black skirt, and black socks. When out of school, she usually wears a simple t-shirt (sometimes a band tee) with denim jeans. 

While she doesn’t have a knack for spell casting, she discovered she could make flowers bloom at age 8. She’s also a natural at flying. Even though people don't send post via owl anymore, she has an owl named Nell.

Our witch has magical parents (names TBD). Mom is from West Wales and Dad is from the Faroe Islands. She also has an older sister (name TBD) who is in her 6th year at Mayford. She excels at her academics and would like to become a professor one day, ideally in potions.

She has two best friends (names TBD), both witches, that are also in their 3rd year at Mayford.  I haven't quite developed their stories yet. 

Our witch loves listening to music and playing music on her guitar. She's also dabbling in photography. She's been playing Quidditch since she was 7 years old. She's not a big reader and hates studying. 


Considering making her random power turning flowers into butterflies instead.


Drawing options:

It’s summer so everyone is home from school. Our witch is wearing casual clothing while trying to catch up on her magic practice.

It’s summer so everyone is home from school. Our witch is making flowers bloom in the garden.

It’s the beginning of the school year. Our witch is dressed in her school robes in her first charms class of the year. 

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