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Apr 18, 2019 18:51:44

Phone screening

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Sarah Hum

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I just did three screen interviews for engineering and I'm exhausted so I'm just gonna rant about them.

We've gotten hundreds of applications. We can remove most of them within 2 seconds. A few of them make it through to an initial phone screen by me. I am the human shield between candidates and our engineering team.

In the screen, I start with a bit about us and what we're looking for. Then, I get to know them a little better. In particular, why they left/are leaving their current job. I learn about what their responsibilities were there and just get a sense of if they're a crazy person or not. I also ask why they want to work at Canny.

Pass: You're not crazy and you can articulate why Canny is awesome.

Fail: You're crazy or you're not good at communicating.

Then, I ask them a high-level technical question. No code, just explain to me how you would go about implementing something.

Pass: You can walk me through a high-level solution to the problem with little to no prompting from me.

Fail: You get stuck in the weeds, you're beating around the bush, or you are utterly confused. 

Then we go over any questions for me. That's it! We should be done in 15 minutes, 30 tops. If you pass, you run through a full technical interview.

Is it the weekend yet?

P.S. We're hiring!

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