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Apr 03, 2019 07:00:58

Q1 2019 Self Check

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Time flies. It seems like yesterday we celebrate the new year 2019 and now it's already 25% of the year has been passed. For the past few years, I find that it is tough to track my resolutions; most of the time I set it at the beginning of the years. I am trying to catch up a few before the end of the year and do a failed review.

It shouldn't be this way, which is why I been doing a listing what I have done every month and going to review it every quarter against my resolutions, those that I can do well, maybe I should do more, those that really can't make it, I should reduce it or totally remove it.

I really start working really hard on March, checking from RescueTime, I spend 3x more time on development compared to February, clocked around 100 hours. I want to maintain this momentum for the next few months.

I have really significant progress on building positive habits this year, I have setup goal for 12 habits, and I m currently have successful build up five habits and two more in the process this month. I will remain my goal for the 12 habits but going to review and enhance these current habits.

I aim for 12 products initially, but with all the busy freelance work, I only manage to build Hookeepr 2.0 in this Quarter. I have lower my expectation and adjusted it to 5 for now. Hopefully, I can see some real progress on this since I ship daily nowadays.

I want to read more so I thought of reading one book every two weeks, but so far only finish two books for the past three months, I do read a lot of tweets and interesting link from twitter, but I don't count that.  I added a new habit building on reading, hopefully, this can be improved. I lower down the target to 10 books, so I should at least aim to finish one book for the next few months.

I set a goal to pick up more tech to upgrade myself this year also, at least one new tech each month. This is tough because based on the past three months, I have picked up  Laravel Nova only and I can rate that for 0.5 out of 3. I adjusted my target for this to 4 also, continue to learn about Laravel Nova and learn one more thing every quarter.

Business wise, the freelance part is on target; I haven't set any goal for products, will try to set a goal after any of the products start to generate income.

For personal health weight control, the weight is going down as progress, I should be able to hit my goal by end of the year but they always say starting is easy, but I remain unchanged on this, for now, will see how it goes on the next review.

Last, I have a goal that tries to be work-life balance this year, it's pretty hard but with the little kid starts to go school, my wife got more time to help daily life, and  I can more focus on work on weekdays and having fun with them on the weekend. Getting a work-life balance should be on track, and finally, I hope I can squeeze a bit more "me time" for myself.

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