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Jul 02, 2019 07:16:44

Q2 2019 Self Check

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It is swift and another three months pass. It seems like I plan my 2019 goals not long ago, it feels like I just did my Q1 self-check yesterday and now 50% of 2019 already past?

I have been working hard on Apr and May, clock down nearly 9x dev hour per month but suddenly drop in June, which I think is ok. I got small burnout feeling quite often, might not good to keep pushing the limit every month.

Habits performance still working on the 5+2, the five habits still going strong, but is a bit lose in June, I am going to go strict again starting of July. The other two new habits, trying new tech finally begin well, but reading habits still really need a lot of improvement. I might add another new habit around Aug; instead of hitting the target to reach the 12 habits, I plan to keep up the new habits I have now and maintain it, don't want to chase for the new habits and lost the current streak.

Back in Quarter one, I lower down my expectation on building products because I only manage to launch a revamped product in Q1. In Q2, I had built four products, suddenly hit the five products goal. I adjusted my products goal again, and I want to create another five for the remaining of 2019.

Reading Goal doesn't have much progress, I read a lot through browser and twitter, but it seems like reading on a book is a killing me, with the reading habit build up, it doesn't seem like work well either. I am going to take it slow for this goal and see how it goes this Quarter.

Pick up new tech Goal is having a lot of progress in Q2, I pick up a lot of new things and even migrated my blog to something new to me, now I have some new ideas on all these new found. For Q3, I want to spend some time to pick up all the new shinning no-code tools.

Business wise Freelance work is on track, project flow in and keep me survive every month, Product revenue remains as 0, but I have set my sales target for Q3, it's going to be a small target, but at least it's a start.

Personal health weight control didn't hit my target as predict, there are so close to my set target during May, but I lose it. I have re-plan the whole fasting & diet and going to start again in July.

Last, the Work-Life Balance Goal is on track, most of the weekend I spend with my wife and kids together, bring them around. I try to schedule some time to bring my parents to the new shopping mall as well. For 'Me Time', I still working on it but with so many things on the plate, I guess that can be less priority.

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    @knight great idea for quarterly self reviews! I do a big review once a year at the end of the year, but now you're making me think I should do this more often!

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Jul 02, 2019 21:08:54
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      @jasonleow lol I do lots of reviews just to remind myself the goals

      Knight avatar Knight | Jul 03, 2019 06:40:31
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