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Feb 22, 2019 15:15:54

Questions about Canny

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Sarah Hum

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Which specific problem or underserved need is your product solving for customers?

Canny helps teams track customer feedback so they can make informed product decisions. Small teams can usually get away with spreadsheets. Once you begin getting a good volume of feedback, it gets really messy. Canny gives you an organized view into what your customers are saying.

What specific customer segment is your product focusing on?

Canny is focused on serving B2B software companies. 

How was the problem found?

Andrew and I use products every day. We have good feedback too! However, we found that companies weren't open to receiving feedback. If we gave feedback, it often felt like sending an email to nobody. If we got a response, it was canned and opaque. Turns out most companies value feedback, it's just really hard to manage all of it.

How was the problem validated? Were any problem hypotheses invalidated?

We initially built a solution called Product Pains. It was a community where you could give feedback to any company. We started by giving feedback to products we used like Yelp and Slack. We grew the community to several thousand people. We thought we could create an incentive for companies to buy in once they had a lot of feedback on the platform.

We realized users weren't inclined to give feedback when there was nobody listening. We needed to get the companies on board first. It was then that we turned it into a SaaS tool, Canny, and focused on teams rather than users.

What is your value proposition/benefit to the customer?

In contrast to consumer products, B2B businesses have paying customers. They are paying for a service to do a job. B2B customers are fairly in tune with how a product can be improved. They have use cases that, if underserved, will make them unsuccessful with the product.

Canny helps bring these issues and improvements to light. Canny gives them insight into their customers biggest wishes and pain points. This helps them better prioritize their roadmaps.

What is your strategy vs. your competitors?

We've always been a product-focused team and we'll stay that way. We're bootstrapped so we don't feel the stress of needing to grow at all costs. We're simply building an easy to use, valuable product and (trying to) market it well.

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